Retirement Income Planning

Success in retirement looks different for everyone. For some, it looks like the freedom to travel, see the world, and enjoy new experiences. Others might view retirement as a great opportunity to spend time and spoil their loved ones. Still for others, retirement looks like blessing organizations and causes close to your heart with time and resources.

What does retirement look like to you?

Whether retirement is decades away or right around the corner, now is the time to build a foundation for independence and freedom, so you can enjoy life as you get older.

How We Help

At Stewardship Advisors, we take a holistic approach to retirement planning. Our advisors focus not only on your retirement income, but also on your goals and dreams during retirement. We help you define what retirement looks like for you, and then chart a plan to help you get there.

During these conversations, we will ask you about your ideal retirement life, your particular aspirations, and the activities you would like to enjoy. Then we will calculate your retirement needs and develop a strategy that maximizes your resources and minimizes taxes and liabilities.

Services Include:

  • Support and planning for achieving the amount you need in retirement.
  • Analyze retirement income sources including social security benefits, IRA strategies, company pension/benefit plans, annuities, and other resources.
  • Create distribution strategy that takes into consideration tax and penalties on withdrawals.

Are we a good fit for you? Let’s find out together.

We know that successful advisor/client relationships are based on trust, accountability, and shared vision. Those things can be hard to completely measure by reading words on a screen, but we can get a better feel for each other during an initial phone call. During this 15-minute call, we will ask some questions about your current financial situation, your initial goals, and answer any questions you have.

Contact us to schedule your 15-minute call today.