What to Expect

Our Process for Financial Planning

Whether you have worked with a financial advisor before or not, working with Stewardship Advisors is a unique experience. That’s because we developed a process to help you clarify your values, priorities, circumstances, and aspirations so that we can guide you in designing an exciting and inspiring future. Together, we use that vision as a map for arranging and implementing financial strategies with intention and purpose. Our client engagements start with the following four stages, which create the foundation for our recommendations.

Our Process

Step 1 – Explore Stage

During this first stage, we are looking to see if we will be a good fit for each other. When you reach out for the first time, we will schedule a ten-to-fifteen-minute phone call to learn more about your needs and concerns to decide if it makes sense to schedule a Fit Meeting.

If we agree to schedule a Fit Meeting, you will be asked to complete two brief questionnaires in preparation for the meeting. The Fit Meeting allows us to learn more about your concerns, aspirations, and upcoming transitions. We will share information about our process, services, and fees as they relate to your situation. After this meeting, if you and your advisor both think this is a good fit, we move on to the Engage Stage.

Step 2 – Engage Stage

In the next step, you will be asked to gather some of your basic financial information and complete a questionnaire to help us better understand your experiences around money. During the meeting, we will start to identity what is most important to you and clarify your priorities. This helps us establish where you are currently, or the “Point A” of your financial journey. It is at this meeting that you will pay the first part of your financial planning fee.

Step 3 – Envision Stage

During this stage of the process, we will work together to define your "Point B", a vision of your ideal life. In preparation for the meeting, we will ask you to complete a questionnaire that will help you envision your ideal future. During the meeting, we will help you identify and prioritize personal and financial goals. We will also establish a preliminary spending plan that aligns with your values, priorities, and vision of your ideal life.

Step 4 – Enlighten Stage

The final stage is where we present our analysis and recommendations for your plan. In preparation for this meeting, we will ask you to complete one final questionnaire that will give you insight into your thoughts and feelings about change. During this meeting you will receive a draft of your Wealth Stewardship Plan and an organizational binder that contains all your important financial documents. We will discuss scenarios and adjustments in our financial planning software. At the end of this meeting, you will have everything you need to implement the recommendations yourself or we can discuss how Stewardship Advisors can implement and monitor your plan moving forward. The final part of your financial planning fee will be due at this meeting.

Common Questions About Our Process

What Happens After the Process is Complete?

Usually, our advisors have semi-annual meetings with each client. During this meeting, your advisor will ask about any life changes or modifications to your goals. They will also show how your financial journey is progressing and any recommendations they have for your plan.

How Long Does This Process Take?

Generally, it takes about 4 weeks for us to complete all 4 stages, from initial contact through to the Enlighten Stage.

Are the Meetings In-Person or Virtual?

The COVID-19 pandemic forced all of us to adapt to virtual meetings via Zoom. If you would prefer having virtual meetings – due to health concerns, scheduling, or convenience – we can accommodate it. In-person meeting with our advisors happen at our office on Main Street in Mount Joy.

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