Creative Charitable Giving

Giving back is an important goal of many people. Not only can it help support the causes and charities that are important to you, when done right charitable giving can be structured in a way to spread your resources further, so that your gifts go where they are needed the most. Some charitable giving vehicles – like charitable remainder trusts & charitable annuities – can even provide stable income for you and/or others for the rest of your life.

Are You Getting the Best Impact from Your Giving?

At Stewardship Advisors, we specialize in creating strategies that can minimize your tax liability so that you can maximize the impact of your gift. That way, your gift can have the fullest impact for your church, alma mater, or cherished community organization.

Create a Lasting Legacy

Nobody likes to think about what happens after they pass, yet that is a crucial component of any financial plan. And any estate plan should include how you can have a meaningful impact with a final gift to charities and causes. Through these final gifts, you can provide a lasting legacy that will bless various organization for years to come.

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