What Stewardship Means For You

It's your money, not ours. As fiduciaries, we put your interests first.

We are here to help you be the most intentional manager of your blessings as you can be.

We walk with you. We aren't dictating a set path. We want to listen to you and help you to think through the steps that make up your whole life's journey, to bring value and purpose to the wealth you have been entrusted with and earned.

Our responsibility is to you as our client, as we offer insight and bring a sense of stewardship to your assets and investments.



Financial planning is the roadmap to a secure and fulfilling life, as you define it. We provide comprehensive planning: not just for investments, but for everything from debt management to college funding to generate the retirement income you’ll need.

Comprehensive, Personal Plans

Your financial situation is unique to you. That's why we work with you to create a comprehensive, personalized plan. This plan may include:

  • Cash-flow optimization
  • Education funding
  • Retirement funding
  • Social Security maximization
  • Risk management
  • Charitable giving
  • Estate planning

Because we tailor our services to your needs, it is flexible and can be changed as your life changes. We listen closely to your feedback and stand ready to help you make informed decisions about major purchases and financial decisions.

Retirement Income Planning

When it comes to retirement planning, building your nest egg is only half the equation. We also help you determine how much to save in order to retire with the confidence that you won't outlive your assets.

Once we identify your retirement income needs, we work together to create two things:

  • An in-retirement portfolio that provides steady income while allowing for needed growth and
  • A spending strategy that can keep you from overspending or living with unnecessary, fear-based frugality.

Estate Planning

We understand you want your heirs to receive the greatest amount of your wealth possible, in an easy and efficient manner. We provide guidance for giving to the people and causes that are important to you both during your lifetime and at the settlement of your estate.

Risk Management

You have put a lot of time and work into achieving your wealth. We recognize that, most likely, one of your goals is to sustain and pass along those profits to multiple generations. That’s why risk management is essential.

We walk you through the potential cost challenges you may face. When necessary, we recommend cost-effective insurance options to reduce those uncertainties.


Successful investing can be key to helping you achieve your financial goals. We draw on deep expertise and decades of team experience to manage investment portfolios that are designed to meet your unique needs with as little risk as possible. Your investment portfolios will be:

  • Customized. Your personalized portfolio will be tailored to match your goals, comfort level with market risk, timeframe for retirement and other objectives. As a client-centered firm, your individual situations, needs and values are reflected in your portfolio. Many of our clients opt for faith-based or socially-conscious investing, and we are well-positioned to help them with our specially designed model portfolios.
  • Managed In-house. You have entrusted us to manage your investments, and we take that seriously. Your assets won't be farmed out to third-party managers. As a discretionary asset manager, we make investment decisions in-house, led by our investment committee. This creates a key differentiator from other firms: direct accountability to you.
  • Tax-managed. No one wants to pay more in taxes than absolutely necessary. We proactively employ every tool at our disposal to minimize tax impacts within your investment portfolio. These tools include tax-loss harvesting and minimizing expensive, short-term capital gains.
  • Flexible. Your porfolio is continuously monitored by our investment committee. Each month, we review portfolios against our six-month market forecasts and make tactical adjustments as warranted to minimize risk and maximize the opportunity for gains.


Giving back is an important goal of many people. We help to ensure that your philanthropic giving has its fullest impact.

Our team provides comprehensive philanthropic support by helping you to:

  • Identify and create charitable giving goals and objectives.
  • Pinpoint charities that match your values.
  • Evaluate organizations’ effectiveness and financial management.

We also support family foundations, helping to ensure that they satisfy your goals now and through future generations. Our services include:

  • Designing an investment policy statement that aligns your foundation’s investment approach with its mission.
  • Screening investments to ensure that they meet your values.
  • Educating family members and facilitating their participation.

Our estate and legacy planning provides independent, trustworthy guidance that helps you make the maximum impact in the areas you care about—in your lifetime and beyond.


As business owners, we personally understand the benefits and challenges of corporate retirement plans.
We’re proud to help fellow owners manage every aspect of their 401(k) and pension plans, including:

  • Plan selection and design consulting.
  • Creation of a customized Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to guide selection, monitoring and replacement of investment options within the plan.
  • Employee education and training.
  • Fiduciary obligations.

We also provide benchmark comparisons of fees and services to ensure that you are receiving the best possible value. Solid employee benefits can help to make a company stronger and more successful. We make providing them simple and pain-free.