Financial Guidance That Brings Clarity
What Is A Fiduciary?
January 30, 2019

According to the Cornell Law Dictionary, “A fiduciary duty is the highest standard of care.” It entails always acting in your client’s best interest. A few years ago, the question of whether your financial advisor was acting as a fiduciary was one of the top of questions asked of all financial advisors. This issue was […]

Contracts…lawyers love them, most people hate them. They are frequently filled with technical garbley-gook that most of us do not understand. They include fine print that people often feel set them up for no-win situations. However, there is one contract in particular that we believe you should be reading carefully, a retirement community agreement. Part […]

Why Is the Stock Market Acting so Crazy?
April 4, 2018

Is it political? Is it interest rates, or is it the weather?! While we have recently experienced high volatility, we have just come off of the longest period without a market downturn of 10 % or more. By the end of January of this year, the last six and a half years, have set a […]